Gallery: Battle of Montcornet, 17 May, 1940

We staged a 15mm re-fight of the action around Montcornet during the German invasion of France in 1940. De Gaulle, commanding the French 4th Armored Division, counter-attacked against Guderian's elite 1st Panzer. Rules used were Active Armor WII, a computer-assisted system for operational-level combat. The battle came out historically - a valiant French effort which failed to stem the German onslaught.

Stukas counter superior French armor.

The 4e Chasseurs Portee on the attack into Montcornet against the incredibly tenacious 37th Panzerjager Battalion
(they were helped by having some 88s attached...). Armor acts in support on both sides.

German Schutzen and Kradschutzen deploy into the contested town of Montcornet.

The 73rd Artillery is surrounded by devastation, but fires until the last shell is gone.

The French artillery is also seeing heavy action...

...With a predictable effect on light German armor.

Thanks to Mark, Bill, Kelly, and Eamon for a fun game!