ADLG Gallery: Montlhery, 1465

Here are some photos of the refight of Montlhery we ran using Art de la Guerre. Figures are mostly Old Glory. The Burgundians failed to stop Louis XI from reaching Paris this time, but it was a close-run thing!

The running artillery duel begins, but the Burgundians are out-gunned. Foot knights begin their advance toward the French crossbowmen.

The knights move in, and the slaughter starts - a pavise doesn't do much for you in close combat. But for missile troops, these guys are harder to kill than expected!

At last, however, the French crossbowmen are overwhelmed, and the Burgundians knights sweep past.

The French halberdiers begin their advance toward Montlhery - despite the best efforts of the Burgundian archers, the tower falls.

Long-range mssile fire does nothing to decide the contest, but keeps a lot of longbowmen occupied on both sides.

Toward the river the Burgundian knights, supported by Swiss and Flemish pikes, face off against the chivalry of France.

Even support from the Swiss pikes is not enough to carry the day - the Burgundians are outnumbered and over-matched.